Drag 'n' drop content builder for web apps

Give your users a tool to create professional web pages, forms, email templates and more.


Simple and powerful

  • first class drag and drop

  • responsive layouts

  • centralized style management

  • website hyperlink consistency


Theme and framework agnostic

  • stores intents rather than specific markup

  • describes everything including page structure

  • publishes HTML, markdown, plain text, etc.


API-first. Offline-first. Mobile-first.

  • continues work in absence of network

  • supports "touch" and runs on any device


Built for multiple UI frameworks

Comes with components for most popular UI frameworks like Vue, Knockout, Angular and React.

> git clone https://github.com/paperbits/paperbits-demo.git
> npm install
> npm start

Easy to get started

Clone, install packages and launch!

Trusted by enterprises

Azure API Management Developer portal
Hostme - Modern Restaurant Reservation & Table Management Solution.
CEMEX Go Developer Center

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