Frequently asked questions

What is Paperbits and who is it for?

Paperbits is an open-source drag ’n’ drop content builder for web apps. Developers will integrate it into their product to empower users (with no technical skills) to create professional web pages, input forms, email templates, and other types of content.

Do I need to purchase a license to use Paperbits in my project?

You need to purchase the license when you’re going to use anything outside MIT-licensed modules or if you need dedicated technical support.

What modules do not require to purchase a license?

The current list of modules not requiring commercial license: common, core, styles, prosemirror, intercom, gtm, azure, firebase, github, logrocket. All these modules are distributed under MIT license.

What is “Developer” license?

A Developer License grants you the right to use Paperbits solely within your organization for purposes of developing and demonstrating a single application. This license does not permit any usage of Paperbits outside of your organization, nor any distribution or installation of Paperbits as an integral part of any product or service for your customers. However, it guarantees dedicated support along the way your project.

What is “Single App” license?

A Single App License grants you the right to use Paperbits as an integral part of a single application. This license does not allow for the installation or distribution of Paperbits as an integral part of any product or service for your customers.

For example, you’re a freelancer developing all kinds of software, and this time you’ve got an order to design and implement a website for your customer. This is a single application project and you’ll need “Single App” license.

What is “Multiple Apps” license?

A Multiple Apps License grants you the right to use Paperbits as an integral part of an unlimited number of applications for your customers.

For example, let's say you're a web agency, and your customer orders a new website for her company. You do all the design, setup and maintenance, and ship the website. Even if you host it in the cloud, it is one application developed specifically for one customer. Since you do this for multiple customers, you don’t need to purchase “Single App” license for each such a project, you just need to get one “Multiple Apps” license.

What is “SaaS and OEM” license?

Saas / OEM License grants you the rights to use Paperbits as an integral part of a service provided in a hosted environment, or as an integral part of an application intended for direct distribution to customers.

For example, you develop a website platform where people come and create a website

Do I need dedicated technical support?

Despite Paperbits is an open-sourced product, it has many non-trivial concepts and sophisticated implementation parts that may require advanced development skills. Depending on the complexity and timelines of your project you may need our help to achieve your goals.

Does Paperbits support React/Vue/Angular/Aurelia/Knockout?

There are basic support and examples of a run-time component for React, Vue and Knockout frameworks, you can see those here. An example for Angular is coming in the nearest future.

What browsers does Paperbits support?

Paperbits supports Edge 86+, Firefox 82+, Chrome 86+, Safari 14+, Opera 72+.

I have HTML/CSS/JS template of a website/parts of website. Can I import it to Paperbits?

No, it is not possible. However, you can try to re-create the website using Paperbits tools piece by piece, including styles. Some of the elements (widgets) may not be present in Paperbits, but you can use pieces of your HTML/CSS/JS code to implement your own widget.

Do you offer consulting services?

No, but we do offer paid dedicated support on Paperbits code-base with the purchase of commercial license.

Are you open to partnership?

Yes, as long as it directly benefits Paperbits project.

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