Hyperlink consistency

Paperbits ensures that all the links to the content are never broken. For example, whenever you're trying to delete a page referenced by another page you'll get a warning.

Multi-target publishing

Intention-based data model makes it possible to publish into multiple targets, i.e. static web sites, GitHub Wiki, Medium, Facebook, etc.

(only static web sites implemented so far, the rest is coming soon)

Multiple UI frameworks

Paperbits comes with components for most popular UI frameworks like Vue, Knockout, Angular and React.

(only Knockout implemented so far, the rest is coming soon)

Living style guide

Manage styles of your website and emails from one place using living style guide, and adjust details locally, when needed.

Widgets & components


Simple block of text.

Table of content

Another navigation widget that reflects one or more level of sitemap. Usually plays role of second-level menu or website footer.

Picture & Gallery

This widget allows to upload and organize images in a nice layout of using the variety of pre-configured options.


Standard Google Maps widget.

Email template builder

Creating email templates is done with very same editors used to build pages. A special type of Publisher will generate an email-specific markup readable by all the email clients.

Form builder

A set of form controls and widgets (with all the validation in place) for collecting user input or payments. It comes with several pre-configured examples like "checkout", "sign-up", "leave comment", etc.

Video player

Simple HTML5 video player.


A widget that allows to create a slideshow for cycling through a series of content.


A widget specialized to display customer comments, ratings about a product or a service.

Pricing & features table

Configurable table of features and prices that helps users to compare them and make their choice.


Google Firebase

First-class integration with Google Firebase that allows you to quickly setup a backend for your Paperbits project. Firebase comes with Realtime Database, Hosting, Cloud Functions, User management and other services that can help you go serverless.

Google Tag Manager

Deploy and update measurement tags on your websites and mobile apps without major code changes and app releases.


Modern messaging products for sales, marketing and support. This integration allows you to setup live chat similar to what you see on this website.


Universal intergation that is used in Paperbits to enable collecting user payment data, i.e. in Form builder.

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